Getting Results

Where do you want your business to be in six months or one year? Are you a small company just getting started or a well established company looking to grow and dominate your market?

Utilizing powerful search engine marketing (SEM and SEO) strategies will generate a huge return on investment and help you accomplish your goals.

To significantly grow your business online, you need to have top search engine rankings. 90% of all search engine users will only click on listings on the first page of results. Reach those top spots, thats how you receive significant website traffic.

Comprehensive search marketing will drive focused traffic to your website, and help convert more of those visitors into loyal customers. That’s when you can expect to see your ROI reach really incredible numbers.

Why does SEO deliver the best bang for your buck?

When it comes to marketing, you just want to see a return on investment. Each company is counting outtheir budget and tracking each success and failure. Search marketing (or SEO) allows businesses to track rankings, traffic, and sales far more easily than traditional marketing and advertising. In addition, by its very nature, search engine optimization targets customers who have already decided they’re ready to buy.

How Long Does it Take to Rank?

There are no predetermined set numbers when it comes to rankings. If anyone says differently, be warned. Depending on the competitive nature of the keywords you pursue, it can take 3, 6, or 12 months to reach page one in the search engines. Most of our clients have had better or faster success, but some could take a year for larger, less modest projects that pursue highly competitive online markets and tough keywords.


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