Computer Upgrades

Should I upgrade my current computer or buy new?

Dougwoody technicians are experts at upgrading your computing potential. We specialize in providing additional computing capacity at the best cost. We can evaluate you current system and recommend the most cost effective upgrades to keep your digital world running smooth. 


We’ll upgrade your storage potential by professionally installing new Hard Drives with much greater capacity. Did you know that the hard drives being produced today could be faster than what came with your computer, increasing performance. We’ll also provide top of the line External Drives to increase your storage potential even further. We can even image your old drive to the new larger one with no data loss and without having to reinstall your operating system.


Dougwoody will increase your Memory capacity by professionally installing additional RAM, allowing your computer to run more programs simultaneously, smoothly and efficiently. The best bang for your buck performance increase.


Dougwoody will professionally upgrade your Processors giving you more computing speed allowing you to get more out of your current system rather than replacing it.

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